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Программа ServiceCentre


ServiceCentre - information management-cataloguer for service centre on repair mobile telephone. Management flash and service manuals. The Account of the Data-cables for flash and record multimedia.

You always can find quickly flash, scheme and service codes for mobile phone. Also possible control Data-Cable for given telephone.

Cataloguer For Centre can be used for governing flashes, service manuals Data-Cable.

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ServiceCentre Features

Cataloging your Flashes for Mobile Phone

Cataloging of the Service Manuals

Keeping of the Service Codes

Management Data-Cables

Multiple Languages

What's New

ServiceCentre Ver. 1.45.100 - [03.07.2007]

  • Fixed error in the pages Repair.
  • Fixed with the choice of language.
  • Added editing of the language program.
  • Fixed error in the the search model or firm.
  • Links to files and directories done underlined font.
  • Fixed error. After selecting "Link Directory", the files disappeared.


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